Commercial buildings in modern urban areas like St. Paul and Minneapolis are constantly being bombarded with various environmental contaminants such as automotive exhaust, water, salts, dirt, grime, rust, biological contaminants like bird droppings and mildew, and simple oxidation that all result in unsightly stains. These contaminants don’t just make a building look dingy and old but can damage the structure’s surface if left on a building long-term and lead to a significant loss in property value.

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Commercial buildings regularly need special care and maintenance because the structures are subjected to so much abuse. As a commercial building owner or property manager, you need to consider the cost of regular maintenance vs. the cost of neglecting the problem. If ignored too long, more damage will result that will end up costing more money in repair bills in the long run. Because of its porous nature, commercial masonry is especially susceptible to damage from neglect.

The best way to maintain a commercial structure, to preserve both its appearance and value, is to keep the surfaces clean with regular professional pressure washing. Regular pressure washing is the most effective way to remove all of the different contaminants that build up on walls and roofs of commercial buildings. Professional commercial pressure washing has five significant benefits:

Why You Should Pressure Wash Your Business

1) Increases Curb Appeal
Nothing makes a commercial building look old more than a filthy exterior. Regular professional pressure washing boosts curb appeal, making it more appealing to potential consumers and tenants, as well as the value of the building.

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2) Makes Business More Inviting
An unsightly commercial building covered in dirt and other contaminants gives customers and clients a negative impression of the building and the businesses that occupy it. No matter what type of businesses reside in a commercial building, people judge a book by its cover. They will form an immediate negative impression of a business in a building that looks run down. However, a clean and well-maintained building gives consumers the impression the business is modern, efficient, and up to date.

3) Saves Time and Money
Because of the size and the amount of use it receives, a commercial property suffers far more abuse than residential property. It is far easier to keep a building with commercial masonry clean with regular professional pressure washing than getting it clean after it has been neglected.

4) Healthier Environment
Regular professional pressure washing not only makes a commercial building look more attractive, it creates a healthier environment for consumers, tenants, and their employees. Studies have shown that people who work in clean environments, as opposed to unhealthy ones, have greater productivity and take far fewer sick days. Additionally, consumers are likely to spend more time in a clean environment.

5) Save On Recurring Maintenance Costs
Regular pressure washing is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain and preserve the exterior of your commercial building. It doesn’t take a graffiti artist to do a lot of damage to your building. Just simple oxidation, caused by the breakdown of oxygen molecules, damages surfaces if left unchecked and becomes harder to remove without regular professional cleanings.

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Some contaminants, like paint, rust, and acidic bird droppings become almost impossible to remove entirely if not regularly addressed. Because contaminants work deep into porous material, like commercial masonry, these structures must be cleaned regularly to prevent damage that can end up requiring expensive repainting, replacement, or masonry restoration work.

Types of Pressure Washing

It is important to understand the need for regular pressure washing; it is vital to realize not all pressure washing is created equal.

Modern pressure washers use different tips to eliminate etching or damaging substrates and a heated, high gallon per minute with mid pressure is preferred. A commercial masonry company will be able to asses your business and easily determine what type of pressure washing is best for your exterior.

How Often to Pressure Wash

Depending on your geographic location, each season throws a different and new set of contaminants at your building. This means you should, ideally, have your commercial building professionally cleaned at the end of each season:

• An early spring cleaning will remove winter-time salt, sand, and grime.
• Cleaning in the early summer will remove spring pollen and dust that can cause staining and discoloration.
• An early fall cleaning will remove the oxidative damages exacerbated by the hot summer sun.
• Cleaning just before winter will remove the tannins deposited by falling leaves that can coat and stain exterior surfaces.

Other times when you should consider cleanings:

• After storms.
• To clean up chemicals or oil spills.
• After outdoor events.
• Upon completion of new construction.

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional

While pressure washing can be done by someone who has the physical ability to handle setting up and using the equipment, there are several factors that the do-it-yourself property owner or employee must take into consideration. Aside from having to learn how to operate the equipment, time and cost are also factors.

Preparing the area, setting up the equipment, moving it around, and then taking it down all takes time. If the equipment is rented, then it must be picked up and returned. Injury to the operator or damage to the property is also a concern if the user is inexperienced. Professional power washing equipment is expensive to buy, and rental costs add up quickly if cleaning is done regularly. Because of all these factors, hiring a professional pressure washing service is recommended. By hiring a professional and reputable pressure washing company, you can ensure your commercial building will receive the care it needs to look its best.

Commercial Masonry & Pressure Wash

Because it is constantly being bombarded with contaminants, it is essential to regularly inspect your commercial building and have it professionally cleaned when needed to keep your property value high and tenants and consumers from judging your building in a negative light. If you are ready for a professional cleaning, or you need commercial masonry in St Paul and Minneapolis metro areas, Epic Masonry has the equipment, knowledge, and years of experience to professionally clean your building and commercial masonry. We use gentle pressure washing techniques in our professional process of removing and dissolving contaminants safely, creating color uniformity, and revitalizing all washed masonry’s appearance. As your pressure washing contractor, it is always our priority to make your building look its best.

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