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As a professional caulking contractor, we seal control joints and abutments to alleviate many of the issues that Minnesota structures experience. Examples of these issues are water penetration, moisture wicking, freeze/thaw damage, pest infiltration, stress damage, and energy inefficiency. Proper new caulking installation, timely caulking repair and sealant replacement are at the heart of controlling water and protecting your property.

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A building can experience various problems from Minnesota’s weather, including damage from freezes and thaws, wind, water, and even insects. Structures can also suffer from stress damage, and their components can naturally wear down over time. Professional caulking is a service that seals the abutments and control joints on a building. This repair makes the building stronger and more visually appealing.

What is Caulking? Save

Caulking is a form of commercial masonry that properly seals a building so that it doesn’t encounter problems from water or air. Although sealing a building is handy when repairs are needed, it can also be used as a preventative maintenance service. Routine maintenance produces a cumulative protective effect on the building’s exterior, which can help prevent more significant problems later on. The cost you spend on improving your building’s façade through caulking can also save money, as you don’t have to pay for repairs associated with structural damage to the joints.

Why Should You Get Building Caulking?

Caulking a building creates a barrier between the building and the elements. Particularly, caulking creates a seal against water and air exposure, which creates drafts and leaks from springing up around the openings in the building, such as the vents, windows, and doorframes. Sealing out air can help regulate the temperature of the building more effectively, which can improve energy efficiency and reduce the need for excess heating and cooling. By preventing water from seeping through the cracks, caulking can help prevent damage to critical parts of the building, such as the bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas subject to high humidity levels or needing to be cleaned frequently. Caulking also provides aesthetic benefits by smoothing over any irregularities on the surface and fixing joint gaps. Once the caulking is complete, you’ll be left with a smooth exterior that has clean lines surrounding the joints and corners.

Although caulking is generally performed on the exterior of a building, it is sometimes used on a building’s interior. A caulking contractor can assess your building and let you know where it needs caulking. Caulking can be performed on both new and existing buildings. Older buildings may require a touch-up to look and perform at their best, but a contractor can give you a better sense of what work needs to be done after looking at the building. A caulking contractor can also inspect your building to determine its current condition and see if the caulk is cracking or brittle. A professional will also inspect a building for water damage, indicating that the caulking has failed. Failed caulking is a major issue for a building, and it’s one that you will want to address immediately. A thorough inspection will check the most critical places for caulking, including the eaves, downspouts, skylights, door and window frames, pipes, vents, foundation, and the space between the glass and metal surfaces.

If a contractor determines you need new caulking, they’ll help you choose the right product for the job.

About Epic Masonry

Epic Masonry is a commercial masonry company with experience and skill. We are in the business to provide specialty solutions that preserve, protect, and restore your commercial property, no matter how specialized or extensive your needs are. For any project your commercial structure needs, you’ll want to know that you are hiring a company capable of doing the work in a timely and cost-effective manner. Fortunately, the skilled team at Epic Masonry has the knowledge to provide quality and satisfactory work. In addition to commercial caulking, Epic Masonry offers other services to improve your building, including masonry sealing, waterproofing, brick, block, and stone restoration, historic preservation, chemical treatment, and pressure washing. We also offer specialized custom solutions, so if you don’t see the services you need above, or if your building requires a packaged solution, we’ll gladly work with you individually to create a plan. Safety is a top priority at Epic Masonry, and projects are also completed in a timely manner and with your budget in mind. Please be aware that Epic Masonry offers commercial masonry services only, not residential services. We are proud to service the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area, and you can find examples of our work across the region.

If you need caulking services, reach out to Epic Masonry today. When you contact us for service, we’ll evaluate your building to determine the work required and give you an estimated timeline and cost for repairs. No matter the project, our work always keeps integrity, safety, and responsibility in mind. We take pride in producing satisfied customers who have beautiful buildings that are safe and ready for commercial use.