Commercial Waterproofing

Controlling water and inhibiting its infiltration is an integral part of ensuring the longevity of any structure and maintaining its healthy environment. Countless Twin Cities property owners have experienced water damage before a waterproofing contractor put safeguards in place, and this experience has left most regretting the absence of preventative waterproofing protection.

Is Commercial Waterproofing Necessary?

The role that water plays in property degradation in Minneapolis and St. Paul is greater than any other hazard and the importance of waterproofing cannot be stressed enough. Aside from actual physical damage, buildings that experience water penetration can become perfect settings for the growth of mold, airborne contaminants and other biological hazards and with these come major health concerns and abatement costs.

Waterproofing repairs consist of many different applications designed to address and deter a multitude of situations common to Minnesota. Seepage, spalling, saturation, freeze damage and leaks are only a few examples of water related problems that we can solve for you.

Our time-tested repair techniques are combined with cutting edge waterproofing products to safeguard your property against the devastating effects that water can produce.

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