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Controlling water and inhibiting its infiltration is an integral part of ensuring the longevity of any structure and maintaining its healthy environment. Countless Twin Cities property owners have experienced water damage before a waterproofing contractor put safeguards in place, and this experience has left most regretting the absence of preventative waterproofing protection.

Is Commercial Waterproofing Necessary?

The role that water plays in property degradation in Minneapolis and St. Paul is greater than any other hazard and the importance of waterproofing cannot be stressed enough. Aside from actual physical damage, buildings that experience water penetration can become perfect settings for the growth of mold, airborne contaminants and other biological hazards and with these come major health concerns and abatement costs.

Waterproofing repairs consist of many different applications designed to address and deter a multitude of situations common to Minnesota. Seepage, spalling, saturation, freeze damage and leaks are only a few examples of water related problems that we can solve for you.

Our time-tested repair techniques are combined with cutting edge waterproofing products to safeguard your property against the devastating effects that water can produce.

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Water damage to commercial property can be devastating and cost thousands of dollars. Additionally, it can force unwanted downtime and time off work, leading to lost revenue. Water damage can happen for various reasons, including sudden environmental hazards or a failure to put the proper preventative waterproofing protection in place. Waterproofing is highly recommended for commercial properties, especially in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. 

 Why do I Need Waterproofing? 

 Many commercial warehouses and property owners wonder why they should waterproof their buildings. Waterproofing provides many benefits for commercial building owners. Commercial buildings in the Minneapolis area are subject to many environmental hazards, including freezing temperatures, snow and ice in the winter, and rain and thunderstorms at other times of the year. Mold and mildew can also accumulate in moist environments, which can cause even more damage to a building and necessitate more expensive repairs. 

 Without waterproofing, buildings are subject to extensive physical damage. They can also suffer from water penetration, which allows mold and mildew growth. This can create a biological and health hazard that can lead to health concerns if not treated on time and effectively. Getting rid of hazardous pathogens and contaminants can cost more time and money than properly waterproofing a building. 

 What Problems Does Waterproofing Address? 

 Waterproofing a building can help with many water-related issues, including damage from freezes, spalling, water seepage, and saturation. These are just a few issues that waterproofing can address. If you want to know more about how waterproofing can help your building, contact a concrete waterproofing specialist for more information about the benefits that waterproofing can provide your particular structure. 

 Benefits of Commercial Waterproofing 

 Commercial waterproofing provides buildings with three main benefits, including: 

  • Strengthening the envelope
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Preserving aesthetic appeal

 Waterproofing helps to strengthen the envelope of a building by adding a layer of protection against structural threats from water, moisture, and vapor. House wraps, which are commonly used, are highly effective in keeping water and moisture out of a building. They are made of silicone, silane, or siloxane. Waterproofing should be performed when you first build or acquire the building, as preventative waterproofing can make a building much stronger, safer, and more comfortable for employees.

 Maintaining the exterior of a building can also increase its longevity and lower maintenance expenses. Waterproofing done by a commercial masonry contractor can also reduce the maintenance costs of a building by preventing damage to the interior and exterior. Waterproofing can also eliminate rot in the building and infestations from insects and rodents. Termites are a particular nuisance in buildings that are not waterproofed and can cause significant damage in a short period. 

 Aesthetics are also preserved by commercial waterproofing. Waterproofing the exterior can cause paint to bubble and peel and keep wood from rotting and warping. Waterproofing prevents rain damage, which can discolor the exterior and damage the material it is made out of. By waterproofing a building, you’ll spend less on maintenance than you would on preserving the building’s looks by other measures.

 About Epic Masonry 

 Epic Masonry offers quality waterproofing. We are an experienced Minnesota masonry company with a professional, knowledgeable team. Our goal is to provide customers with individualized solutions to help protect and improve their commercial property, regardless of how customized their projects are. If you need assistance with your commercial property needs, rest assured you are hiring a company capable of doing the work on time and within your budget with Epic Masonry. Epic Masonry produces satisfying and quality work using a combination of expertise and skills for our valued customers.

Along with waterproofing, we offer many services for your commercial needs, including caulking, masonry sealing, historic preservation, waterproofing, brick, block, and stone restoration, pressure washing, and chemical treatment. We also offer custom solutions, so feel free to contact us if you don’t see the services you need listed above. We work with safety in mind at Epic Masonry, no matter the size and scope of your project. Epic Masonry will assist with your commercial masonry needs, but we don’t offer residential services. We work across the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area, and we’ll happily provide customer portfolios upon request. 

 Epic Masonry can help with your waterproofing needs in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area. When you contact us for service, and we’ll give you an estimate to let you know what work needs to be done. We will also give you an estimate for pricing and timeline for repairs. No matter the project, we perform our work responsibly and with safety and integrity at the forefront of our minds. Ultimately, we’re proud to leave our customers with safe, durable, and attractive buildings they can use for years.