Commercial Stone Restoration

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If your commercial building needs stone restoration, Epic Masonry is the right company to contact. Epic Masonry can provide a variety of commercial masonry services for your building so that it looks its best, is safe to use, and is structurally sound.

What is Commercial Stone Restoration?

Commercial buildings can be comprised of several kinds of stone, including granite, travertine, and marble. Any kind of stone used in a commercial building can fade and erode over time, and eventually it will need to be restored or replaced. The surface may also need to be altered to match the personal preferences and desired aesthetic outcome that the building owner or the management company has in mind.

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Benefits of Stone Restoration

Masonry stone repair is perfect for making an old structure look new again. Restoring a building’s stone can also protect the exterior against damage from the elements, and it can make the structure stronger. Stone comes in many sizes, patterns, and colors, so you can choose to either keep the same appearance of your building or give it a new look by changing out the old stone for a new kind. All stone wears out eventually, so the stone should be replaced periodically to enhance the building’s appearance. That is especially important if you have customers who come in to the building.

Signs a Building Needs Stone Restoration

There are several signs a building may need masonry stone repair aside from the fact that it’s starting to look weary. If the building has scratches, stains, holes, or cracks in the exterior, or if it starts to look more dull than it did before, it is likely time to restore the stone. A building that is properly cared for and maintained can go for a longer period of time between restoration projects, but eventually all buildings will need to have their exterior surfaces refinished.

When you are restoring stone on a building, you can choose from various kinds to get the look, durability, and even cost that you want. Natural stone, which is a popular choice, is known for its durability and attractive appearance. If you have questions, a stone restoration company can help you choose the right stone.

How Stone Restoration Works

Masonry stone repair is a process that has certain steps. The first step of stone repair is removing scratches and fixing any damage on the surface of the building’s stone. Either way, mechanical abrasion will remove the blemishes. Another term for this technique is “diamond grinding.” Luckily, fixing and polishing stone is a simple process. Natural stone tends to reflect light, which means you don’t need any special coating or a wax finish to give the stone a shiny and polished appearance. However, although the restoration process is simple, you will still want to have a skilled technician perform the work, as it is highly technical and too advanced for inexperienced building owners. For the next step, a technician will restore the surface of the stone by using diamond abrasives until the desired finish is reached. This can be accomplished through a controlled burn that makes the crystals on the surface of the stone pop.

While they work, careful technicians will try to keep the surrounding stone surface area from becoming damaged whether they are working with flames, water, or other materials. Additionally, a conscious technician will make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the area and that there are no flammable materials in the area where they are working.

Why Hire a Restoration Company?

Restoring the stone on a building is a task that is best left to a professional restoration company. A regular maintenance company may not have the expertise or even the tools required to restore the stone of your building. While other companies may provide valuable services to maintain and improve your commercial building inside and out, restoration is a specialized area that requires the unique knowledge of a commercial masonry company.

Epic Masonry

Along with stone restoration, Epic Masonry offers many other commercial masonry services to keep your building safe, functional, and looking pristine in the Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area. Epic Masonry specializes in commercial restoration, which means that residential services are not available. Epic Masonry is happy to provide all the masonry services your commercial facility needs. Whether your building needs repairs, something needs to be replaced, or you want a custom solution, Epic Masonry is the contractor to contact. Along with brick restoration, Epic Masonry offers various services in addition to stone restoration, including brick restoration, caulking, tuckpointing, waterproofing, pressure washing, warehouse floor restoration, chemical sealing, and historic preservation.

Contact Epic Masonry today if you have questions about restoring the stone on your building or if you need to schedule restoration service for masonry repair Twin Cities. It is easy to reach Epic Masonry online or by calling (612) 662 7420.