Through-Wall Flashing

Mortar joints are designed to fail before masonry units (brick, block or stone) and when they do, this indicates that the mortar has reached the end of its service life and should be fixed professionally. Minnesota’s severe temperatures can rapidly impact our masonry through weathering, deterioration, step cracking and detaching of the mortar bond. When these visual indicators are observed, joint repair by a professional tuckpointing contractor is essential to the longevity of masonry.

There are many key elements of tuckpointing repairs to achieve a functional replacement mortar joint. Our professional tuckpointing process includes the removal of old mortar to the proper depth, effective joint preparation and a lasting repair through the proper installation of a carefully selected matching mortar type.

These steps are only part of our essential tuckpointing repair formula. The proven process provides you with attractive and effective mortar joints that strengthen and compliment your masonry.

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