Concrete Repair and Warehouse Floor Restoration

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Concrete is one of the most dynamic and durable materials used in construction. In modern applications, the use of imbedded reinforcing steel has allowed concrete to be at the center of projects as never before. This steel adds strength and flexibility, but also adds the element of corrosion, resulting in the gradual deterioration of concrete from within. In addition to corrosion, concrete faces many other obstacles both environmental and manmade. The extreme regional temperatures of the Upper Midwest severely impact Minnesota’s concrete and masonry through increased freeze damage, surface spalling, pitting, cracking and shifting. The consequences of these effects are destructive and for concrete to survive it must be effectively repaired and protected.

Do You Need Concrete Repair?

Patching and crack repair restores the ability of concrete to support its intended load and seals damaged areas. Cleaning exposed reinforcement steel and applying rust inhibitors can greatly reduce the rate of further corrosion. Concrete coatings can provide a protective layer with the added benefits of a new or restored appearance, resisting salt deterioration and increasing safety through greater traction. Concrete waterproofing can provide superior protection against the penetrating effects of hydrostatic pressure and defense against water saturation. Sealing your concrete can enhance its appearance, resist damage and stop discoloration. (Read about masonry restoration here.)

Concrete repair and protection are crucial elements of getting the most out of your investment and our techniques can provide solutions that last for the life of your concrete. We combine compatible repair products with advanced restoration methods to preserve and protect. As your concrete repair contractor, we ensure that threats are combated, future issues are prevented and the structural integrity of your concrete is restored.

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What is Concrete and Warehouse Floor Restoration?

Concrete is one of the most durable of all the materials used in construction today. Concrete floors are commonly used in warehouses and other commercial buildings to provide support and durability. Concrete is sometimes reinforced with steel, which makes concrete floors even stronger. However, as strong as concrete is, it can also corrode and crack over time due to environmental conditions and stress from frequent use. Concrete repair is especially important in the Minnesota area, where extreme temperatures can cause damage to floors such as cracks, pitting, spalling on the surface, and damage from freezing temperatures. The concrete will need to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent significant damage and more expensive repairs down the road.

Does Your Floor Need Concrete Repair?

It is sometimes hard to tell by looking at a warehouse floor if it needs repairs. In severe cases, you may be able to see the damage yourself. Still, in other instances, you may need a masonry Twin Cities professional to assess the warehouse floor to determine the extent of the problem. Whether the floor has major or minor damage, repairing it will help seal the damaged spots and increase the amount of weight the floor can safely hold.

What Happens During a Floor Restoration?

A masonry company will first clean the exposed steel components and apply rust inhibitors to avoid additional corrosion. A new coating on a concrete floor is often applied next. This can also improve its appearance and protect against salt damage. Some people also choose to add a waterproof coating to their floor to add another layer of protection against the elements. A protective coating also prevents discoloration and keeps the floor looking its best for as long as possible.

Benefits of a Floor Restoration

Restoring a floor has many benefits that range from safety to aesthetics. A restored concrete floor can also help save money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of leaks, cracks, and corrosion. A warehouse floor with any of those issues is prone to water damage, necessitating more lengthy and costly repairs. Floors that are cracked or corroded can also be a safety hazard, as they can be uneven and cause people to trip and fall, or they can lose surface traction and make it easier to slip. Damaged floors tend to be weaker and cannot safely hold their maximum weight limit.

Aesthetic benefits are another seemingly less significant but still important aspect of floor restoration. A floor that looks better will improve the warehouse’s appearance and make it more appealing to customers if you have them visiting the location. A floor that looks new can also increase the property’s value. If you sell the building later on, having a properly maintained and refreshed floor will make it more appealing to potential buyers. A concrete repair company can help you choose the right color and finish for the warehouse floor to give it a new and improved look.

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Epic Masonry offers quality masonry Twin Cities. We are an experienced masonry company with a skilled and knowledgeable team. It’s our business – and our pride – to provide customers with individual custom solutions to help protect, preserve, and restore their commercial property, regardless of how complex their projects may be. For any project your commercial structure needs, you’ll want assurance that you are hiring a company capable of doing the work in a timely and cost-effective manner. Fortunately, the skilled Epic Masonry team produces satisfying and high-quality work using a combination of expertise, skills, and a thorough understanding of our customers. We offer a range of services in addition to floor restoration for all your commercial property needs, including caulking, masonry sealing, historic preservation, waterproofing, brick, block, stone restoration, pressure washing, and chemical treatment.

We also offer custom solutions, so if you don’t see the services you need listed above, or if your building needs comprehensive masonry services, we’ll work with you individually to create a plan. Safety is a top priority at Epic Masonry, and projects are completed on time and with your budget in mind. Although we don’t offer residential services, Epic Masonry can help with your commercial masonry needs. You can find our work across Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities area, which is where we offer our services.

Epic Masonry can help with all your restoration and concrete repair needs in the Twin Cities. Contact us for service, and we’ll evaluate your building to determine what work needs to be done. We will also provide an estimated timeline and price for repairs. Our work is always performed with safety, integrity, and responsibility in mind. We are happy to produce aesthetically pleasing and beautiful buildings for our satisfied customers.