Concrete Repair and Warehouse Floor Restoration

Concrete is one of the most dynamic and durable materials used in construction. In modern applications, the use of imbedded reinforcing steel has allowed concrete to be at the center of projects as never before. This steel adds strength and flexibility, but also adds the element of corrosion, resulting in the gradual deterioration of concrete from within. In addition to corrosion, concrete faces many other obstacles both environmental and manmade. The extreme regional temperatures of the Upper Midwest severely impact Minnesota’s concrete and masonry through increased freeze damage, surface spalling, pitting, cracking and shifting. The consequences of these effects are destructive and for concrete to survive it must be effectively repaired and protected.

Do You Need Concrete Repair?

Patching and crack repair restores the ability of concrete to support its intended load and seals damaged areas. Cleaning exposed reinforcement steel and applying rust inhibitors can greatly reduce the rate of further corrosion. Concrete coatings can provide a protective layer with the added benefits of a new or restored appearance, resisting salt deterioration and increasing safety through greater traction. Concrete waterproofing can provide superior protection against the penetrating effects of hydrostatic pressure and defense against water saturation. Sealing your concrete can enhance its appearance, resist damage and stop discoloration. (Read about masonry restoration here.)

Concrete repair and protection are crucial elements of getting the most out of your investment and our techniques can provide solutions that last for the life of your concrete. We combine compatible repair products with advanced restoration methods to preserve and protect. As your concrete repair contractor, we ensure that threats are combated, future issues are prevented and the structural integrity of your concrete is restored.

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