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Recognized worldwide for its permanency, masonry when properly produced, installed and maintained can last indefinitely. Our expertise in masonry restoration have been refined during more than 21 years of ongoing training and hands on applications both in the field and in the classroom. We take great pride in providing services that allow you to avoid future repair costs and significantly extend the service life of your property. By employing our diligent application of effective repair methods that preserve and protect, your masonry in all its benefit and beauty can be restored


Mortar joints are designed to fail before masonry units (brick, block or stone) and when they do, this indicates that the mortar has reached the end of its service life and should be fixed professionally. Minnesota’s severe temperatures can rapidly impact our masonry through weathering, deterioration, step cracking and detaching of the mortar bond. When these visual indicators are observed, joint repair by a professional tuckpointing contractor is essential to the longevity of masonry.

There are many key elements of tuckpointing repairs to achieve a functional replacement mortar joint. Our professional tuckpointing process includes the removal of old mortar to the proper depth, effective joint preparation and a lasting repair through the proper installation of a carefully selected matching mortar type.

These steps are only part of our essential tuckpointing repair formula. The proven process provides you with attractive and effective mortar joints that strengthen and compliment your masonry.


As a professional caulking contractor, we seal control joints and abutments to alleviate many of the issues that Minnesota structures experience. Examples of these issues are water penetration, moisture wicking, freeze/thaw damage, pest infiltration, stress damage, and energy inefficiency. Proper new caulking installation, timely caulking repair and sealant replacement are at the heart of controlling water and protecting your property.

Our expert material selection combines optimum caulking compatibility with an ideal color selection. We then professionally and meticulously install an imperceptible and fully functioning joint sealant that serves you well into the future.

Our specialists are ready to provide you with the best caulking contractor services that allow the components of your structure to move independently while keeping your investment above water.


Controlling water and inhibiting its infiltration is an integral part of ensuring the longevity of any structure and maintaining its healthy environment. Countless Twin Cities property owners have experienced water damage before a waterproofing contractor put safeguards in place, and this experience has left most regretting the absence of preventative waterproofing protection. The role that water plays in property degradation in Minneapolis and St. Paul is greater than any other hazard and the importance of waterproofing cannot be stressed enough. Aside from actual physical damage, buildings that experience water penetration can become perfect settings for the growth of mold, airborne contaminants and other biological hazards and with these come major health concerns and abatement costs.

Waterproofing repairs consist of many different applications designed to address and deter a multitude of situations common to Minnesota. Seepage, spalling, saturation, freeze damage and leaks are only a few examples of water related problems that we can solve for you.

Our time-tested repair techniques are combined with cutting edge waterproofing products to safeguard your property against the devastating effects that water can produce.

Concrete and Warehouse Floor Restoration

Concrete is one of the most dynamic and durable materials used in construction. In modern applications, the use of imbedded reinforcing steel has allowed concrete to be at the center of projects as never before. This steel adds strength and flexibility, but also adds the element of corrosion, resulting in the gradual deterioration of concrete from within. In addition to corrosion, concrete faces many other obstacles both environmental and manmade. The extreme regional temperatures of the Upper Midwest severely impact Minnesota’s concrete and masonry through increased freeze damage, surface spalling, pitting, cracking and shifting. The consequences of these effects are destructive and for concrete to survive it must be effectively repaired and protected.

Patching and crack repair restores the ability of concrete to support its intended load and seals damaged areas. Cleaning exposed reinforcement steel and applying rust inhibitors can greatly reduce the rate of further corrosion. Concrete coatings can provide a protective layer with the added benefits of a new or restored appearance, resisting salt deterioration and increasing safety through greater traction. Concrete waterproofing can provide superior protection against the penetrating effects of hydrostatic pressure and defense against water saturation. Sealing your concrete can enhance its appearance, resist damage and stop discoloration.

Concrete repair and protection are crucial elements of getting the most out of your investment and our techniques can provide solutions that last for the life of your concrete. We combine compatible repair products with advanced restoration methods to preserve and protect. As your concrete repair contractor, we ensure that threats are combated, future issues are prevented and the structural integrity of your concrete is restored.

Through-Wall Flashing

When we think of buildings, we expect shelter and protection from the elements. For this to ring true weather must be kept on the outside. The confidence once held in these structures can be broken when moisture breaches the exterior causing a multitude of costly damage to occur.

Through cracks, failed sealants and ineffective building materials water finds a way. Moisture entering a wall system can create chaos as gravity forces the liquid to migrate behind the exterior wall materials. If left uncontrolled this moisture will create a route to exit the wall or penetrate deeper to reach the interior of the building. This can result in damaged masonry, bowing wall sections, compromised structural steel, mineral staining, mold and destroyed interior walls.

Our building restoration provides the benefits of modern construction technologies to any property. We retrofit existing structures with thru-wall flashing systems that control trapped water and allow it to safely escape to the exterior. Keeping your building dry is vital and our formally trained teams install permanent solutions that prevent the watering down of your success.

Masonry Sealing

The key to masonry that looks and performs as expected is protection. Even the most beautiful and well-built structures can experience severe deterioration and discoloration when left to the elements.

Water can soak into masonry, causing biological growth, mineral staining and moisture infiltration. Freezing temperatures force water to expand and this causes wet masonry to deteriorate from within. Wind driven rain can force water through the masonry veneer and trapped moisture causes movement, damage and staining.

Preventing moisture saturation by sealing your building insures that these effects are mitigated. Our invisible sealer applications penetrate deeply to guarantee decades of resilience that won’t change the appearance of your masonry. You can’t stop the rain but you can rest assured that your masonry is prepared to weather the storm.

Pressure Washing

Environmental factors resulting in unsightly staining and damage to property are common fixtures of modern urban areas like St. Paul and Minneapolis. Automotive exhaust, atmospheric pollution, water, salts, dirt, grime, rust and biological growth are just some of the destructive effects that bring out the worst in the appearance of property.

By using gentle pressure washing techniques our process of removing and dissolving contaminants safely create color uniformity and revitalize the appearance of all washed masonry.

As your pressure washing contractor, it’s our job to help you to look your best. We offer services that enhance visual appeal, extend material life and restore your ability to make positive first impressions with your property.

Chemical Cleaning

Masonry effected by moisture can often develop an unappealing appearance. Water leaves behind minerals and biological growth that take many forms. Efflorescence, hard water, lime run, scum, mold and calcite are only a few examples of common types of staining. Metal oxidation and corrosion also cause discoloration and all of these require chemicals to safely remove.

We keep your property attractive by removing harmful deposits and buildup. Our application of carefully matched chemicals restores the value and appearance of your property.

Brick, Block & Stone Restoration

Structural walls and veneers can consist of individual masonry units working together to create wall systems. If these units are damaged and left unrepaired they can jeopardize the integrity of the entire system. One of the factors that causes the most damage to Minnesota’s masonry is weather. Wind driven rain and extreme temperature variation can damage portions of these systems, weakening their ability to effectively work together.

The correct service to maintain masonry walls is largely dependent on the type of damage and the desired outcome. Brick, block and stone repair can consist of grouting block cores, replacing masonry units and mortar joint repair. A masonry repair contractor may also need to install, repair or replace aging anchoring and fastening systems.

Our specialists will assess the cause of any damage and repair the affected sections so that your masonry can be restored to and often surpass its original design.

Property Evaluation & Consultation

To achieve a desired outcome, an effective plan must be formulated and followed. But a plan is only as good as the information that it’s based on. With over 21 years of work in the field and formal education in the classroom, we have developed our expertise that can be put to work for you.

Whether it’s normal deterioration or unique circumstances that have had an adverse effect upon your masonry, we will investigate the cause of your concerns, determine the best course of action and provide you with the information that you need to make an informed decision about the future of your property.

Historic Restoration

Properties of historical significance typically require a custom approach to building restoration. Acquiring original materials and using traditional installation techniques help to maintain the original look and design. Meeting historical registry requirements can be a challenging endeavor that should only be carried out by historic preservation professionals.

Modern construction may be impressive but historic design is truly exceptional. Let us help you stand the test of time by preserving the past and assuring the future.

Specialty Work

Quite often specialty contractors are faced with unique situations that require carefully devised solutions. Towers, culverts, tunnels, balconies, water tanks, refrigerated warehouses, parking structures and historic buildings are just a few settings that can pose repair and maintenance challenges. These range from work area access and confined space safety to custom equipment fabrication and specialty material acquisition. From rapidly repairing factory floors to reproducing sections of historic hand carved facades, we handle all facets of masonry restoration in order to serve you.