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Mortar joints are designed to fail before masonry units (brick, block or stone) and when they do, this indicates that the mortar has reached the end of its service life and should be fixed professionally. Minnesota’s severe temperatures can rapidly impact our masonry through weathering, deterioration, step cracking and detaching of the mortar bond. When these visual indicators are observed, joint repair by a professional tuckpointing contractor is essential to the longevity of masonry.

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 What is Tuckpointing? 

 Tuckpointing is a form of masonry that involves sealing gaps between mortar on chimneys and walls. The sealant creates the appearance of aesthetically pleasing fine joints while preventing damage to the building from water, ice, and pests. 

 Why do You Need Tuckpointing? 

 Mortar joints can fail for several reasons, including age and damage from weather. Minnesota’s harsh winters can be tough on mortar joints. Joints that break down over time can be a safety issue, as they can weaken the building’s frame, but they can also be an aesthetic concern. Tuckpointing brick corrects both issues when it is performed by a knowledgeable professional. Although many people seek assistance for tuckpointing when they’ve noticed a problem such as leaks or degradation, you can also use tuckpointing as a preventative maintenance tool. Tuckpointing can also keep the mortar joints strong to prevent problems like leaks in the first place. If your building is a place that services customers and clients, proactively maintaining the building’s exterior through tuckpointing can also help give your business a more upscale appearance, making it more appealing to customers. 

 Tuckpointing can help with the following repairs:

  • New brick masonry
  • Repairs to stone, block, and brick
  • Concrete facade repairs
  • Sealing and caulking brick structures
  • Refreshing the exterior

 When a Twin Cities masonry company performs tuckpointing on your building, you can enjoy the lasting results for years to come. Tuckpointing will make your building stronger and more weather-resistant for years. Tuckpointing is the process of removing damaged mortar and replacing it with fresh mortar. For most masonry projects, tuckpointing starts by routing out the old mortar. The routed-out grooves are then filled with mortar. A contractor then cuts thin strips down the middle of the new mortar to create grooves. The final step is finding a mortar color to match the color of the original mortar on the building. Lastly, the grooves are finished with the correct paint color. 

 What are the Advantages of Tuckpointing? 

 Tuckpointing can help buildings look and perform their best, regardless of age. Tuckpointing is beneficial for modern buildings but can also help restore and protect historic buildings. 

 Tuckpointing services are usually necessary for the following problems: 

  • Structural stability is compromised 
  • Moisture is getting into the mortar joints
  • The building would otherwise need to be torn down or repaired

 Along with correcting these problems, tuckpointing provides many benefits for your building. The repairs can increase the structure’s value and its visual appeal. It will also reinforce the structure so that it is better able to withstand the elements. Preventing problems like leaks can also keep moisture out, which can help avoid the costs associated with water damage. 

Commercial Masonry & Restoration | Epic Masonry Restoration

Who is Epic Masonry?

 Choosing a company to repair your commercial structure and ensure it looks its best is a significant task. After all, you’ll want to know that you are hiring a Twin Cities masonry company capable of doing the work and is experienced. Fortunately, the team at Epic Masonry has the skills and knowledge to ensure quality and satisfactory work. Epic Masonry is in the business to provide specialty solutions that protect, preserve, and restore your commercial property. Along with tuckpointing, Epic Masonry offers services such as Twin Cities masonry sealing, waterproofing, caulking, brick, block, stone restoration, historic preservation, and pressure washing. 

 We also offer specialized custom solutions, so if you don’t see the services you need above or think your building needs a packaged solution, let us know, and we’ll gladly work with you individually to create a plan. Safety is a top priority at Epic Masonry, and projects are also completed in a timely manner and with your budget in mind. Note that Epic Masonry is a commercial tuckpointing company that does not perform work on residential properties. We perform commercial work locally for customers in Minneapolis/St. Paul/Twin Cities region. 

 If you need commercial tuckpointing services, don’t hesitate to contact Epic Masonry today. When you contact us for service, we’ll assess your building to determine the project scope and provide you with an estimated timeline and cost for repairs. No matter the project, we complete our work with integrity, safety, and responsibility in mind. Our customers are left satisfied knowing that they’ve received high-quality work and buildings that are safe and attractive for commercial use.